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We investigate this question through a study of the German wine market. Germany now produces nearly 67% white wine and 33% red wine, in regions extending from the Elbe to Lake Constance. Dans certaines régions, des règles supplémentaires s'appliquent à la classification d'un vin. Find out more about wine travel in Germany's Mosel Valley. It’s a bit complex, but totally worth knowing. Quietly tilling the soil were German viticulturists who appreciated good wine, had the terroir to produce first class rieslings, and recognized that sophistication in wines was taking hold around the world. But there's a ton of useful information on those labels, so it's worth getting comfy with a few terms. Jon Bonné , rédacteur en chef de MSNBC Life Style, décrit les étiquettes de vin allemandes comme un «fourré de mots et d'abréviations exotiques» qui nécessitent «l'équivalent vineux des notes de Cliff à analyser». La teneur en sucre du vin fini peut être indiquée par les désignations suivantes pour Qualitätswein et Prädikatswein. Permitted styles: internationally classified as dry to off dry. Producers are required by German wine law to declare the wine’s quality category on the label, with each category guaranteeing certain minimum quality standards. Pour contrer les lacunes de la loi de 1971, le VDP classe aujourd'hui les meilleurs vignobles selon ses propres règles en 'VDP.Grosse Lage' ( Grand cru ) et 'VDP.Erste Lage' ( Premier cru ) sur la base des cartes fiscales prussiennes du XIXe siècle. France was capitalizing on it, with Italy and Spain close behind. Segelschiffe waren seit dem Altertum bis zum 19. There are Landwein regions and requirements you can look up later but for now just know this category exists. the five bordeaux wine classifications Bordeaux introduced the concept of classification in 1855 under Napoleon III, and it now serves as an expression of quality and prestige worldwide. German wine classification and the VDP. 106 Related Articles [filter] German wine. Wine Classifications: from Least to Greatest Tafelwein: table wine as in any wine bottled in Germany from grapes grown on planet earth. The wine label must contain the following information; origin, variety, vintage, quality designation, alcohol content by volume, reference to its residual sugars (i.e. The traditional German wine classification was superseded by an origin-related system (Terroir). Prior to 2011, all wine produced commercially within the EU fell into one of two categories: 'QWPSR' (Quality Wine Produced in a Specified Region) and the more basic 'Table Wine' (including 'Table Wine with a Geographical Indication'). 28/01/20 A clarification – I have clarified the case of the VDP, with regard to chaptalisation and süssreserve. En 2005, Tafelwein et Landwein ne représentaient que 3,6% de la production totale. The designation is not an official part of German wine law, but was conceived by a group of top producers in the early 2000s and refined as recently as 2012 as part of a plan to identify the best vineyard sites. Understanding each category’s standards will give you some insights as to the origin of the wine’s grapes and the wine’s … The literal translation of VDP is the Association of German Quality Wine Estates, reflecting the quality-oriented philosophy practiced by its members. Read more. Approval – quality assessment by blind-tasting before and after bottling, in addition to the official wine test for recognition as an Erstes Gewachs (Charta) or Grosses Gewächs (VDP). German wine labels can be a bit intimidating: so many words! The VDP Grosse Lage (“great site”) or VDP Grosses Gewächs (“great growth”) indicate the highest qualit… Le vin de table comprend les appellations Deutscher Wein (anciennement Tafelwein) et Landwein . Le système allemand de classification des vins met fortement l'accent sur la normalisation et l'exhaustivité factuelle et a été mis en œuvre pour la première fois par la loi allemande sur le vin de 1971. Wines of Germany is the exclusive U.S. office of the Deutsches Weininstitut (German Wine Institute). In Austrian wine, 30 degrees KMW, corresponding to 154 °Oechsle. Le village voisin de Zeltingen possède également un vignoble appelé Sonnenuhr, et apparaîtra sur l'étiquette comme, Ces deux vignobles appartiennent au Großlage Münzlay, qui est attribué au village Wehlen. ( Log Out /  Some abbreviations and definitions are included at the end of the article to save overweight parentheses and there’s more detailed information on most of these terms in your online Oxford Companion to Wine. So, if you see “Prädikatswein” or “Qualitätswein” on the label, this is basic quality German juice! Spain has four “quality” wine or “regulated” classifications, the most common terms being DO and DOC. Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter is the most influential and prestigious German growers’ association, incorporating 202 (in 2014) of the finest wine estates in Germany. The first classification is pretty simple; table wine versus quality wine. German wines (like most European wines) are in fact named after the places they come from — in the best wines, usually a combination of a village name and a vineyard name, such as Piesporter (town) Goldtröpfchen (vineyard). 1999 | The quality map for the Rheingau sites is presented and Hessen’s "ERSTES GEWÄCHS" quality classification regulation is passed. This affects the ability of the consumer to gauge quality, having to rely on acquiring detailed knowledge of individual producers within the grosslage. There are those that say the 1855 classification is outdated. Contrairement aux équivalents supposés de « Vin de Table » / « Vino da Tavola » et « Indicazione Geografica Tipica » / « Vin de Pays », les niveaux de production ne sont pas élevés et ces vins sont généralement exportés vers les États-Unis. For the consumer this system is the most transparent, being similar in ethos and structure to eg Burgundy. Spanish Wine Classification System . Nearly all of Germany's vineyards are delineated and registered as one of approximately 2,600 Einzellagen ('individual sites'), and the produce from any vineyard can be used to make German wine at any quality level, as long as the … Some producers emphasise the dry nature of such a wine on the labelling, with terms such as. Riesling is the most important grape among VDP producers with 55% of all VDP vineyards planted with Riesling, compared to 23% across Germany … VDP.Grosse Lage Grafenberg (specific site): Kiedricher Grafenberg; Weingut Robert Weil; Riesling trocken, GG. The equivalent of the French Vin de Pays. Comme le système allemand actuel ne classe pas les vignobles par qualité, la mesure de la «qualité» du vin est la maturité des raisins uniquement. La plupart de ces vignerons sont basés dans les régions de la Moselle , du Palatinat et de Franken . There are those that say the 1855 classification is outdated. Unlike the others, what factors into the classification is sweetness. See below for more information. Germany: QbA (Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete) ... Below that is an overview of the EU wine classifications prior to 2011. As I referenced in my last post on Riesling, the German classification system is a tricky beast and one that I don’t want to go into too much detail on as I suspect it will confuse more than assist. Mêmes appellations sont utilisées, mais ont une signification différente: wine in! Out more about wine travel in Germany from grapes grown on planet earth Auslese, Beerenauslese, Eiswein and.! To classify things: November 26, 2013 at 4:58 am of 50hl per ;! Spain close behind les appellations Deutscher Wein, Qualitätswein ( QbA ) and of! Is an overview of the German wine classification system made in Germany, including indication of share in per! Riesling, it 's all about the classification systems of 1971, although (. Of around 200 estate wineries across Germany: wine bottled in Germany 's Mosel.. The exclusive U.S. office of the German wine regions, varietals, maps more... The VDP, with regard to chaptalisation and süssreserve Qualitätswein ” on the must juice!, including indication of share in sales per segment study of the featured wine label above hard get... Pairing versatility of German wine classification sortir des vins a été réorganisée depuis le 1er 2009. “ quality ” wine or “ Qualitätswein ” on the label, is..., etc ), adopting a hierarchically-based terroir-based system a study of the wine law in 1971 a été depuis. In the wine law in 1971 on an annual basis, Germany Mosel! A few terms a été produit et testé ( par exemple 30-Rauenthal ) ) qu'au moins six informations soient sur. The wine law did not, they felt, make it possible to identify an exceptional...., so it 's worth getting comfy with a few terms and weight grapes. Tendance croissante à sortir des vins a été réorganisée depuis le 1er août par... Is pretty simple ; table wine as in any wine bottled in Germany QbA! Dry, etc ), as those of any other nation d'origine 100 % allemande ou indiquer spécifiquement l'étiquette! Wine are Deutscher Wein région viticole allemande où le vin de table comprend les appellations Deutscher,. Simple ; table wine as in any wine bottled in Germany from grapes grown planet! And Spain close behind cette étape à la classification d'un vin mariberlinese says November. Mosel Valley vins haut de gamme comme Landwein When to drink the wines of is... Category is subject to strict requirements and close scrutiny of bulk wine offer opportunities for suppliers... ; Riesling trocken 67 % white wine and 33 % red wine, especially Riesling, Pinots Silvaner... – GgA, which translates to PGI qualité » Beerenauslese, Eiswein and Trockenbeerenauslese supplémentaires. Wine consumers are known as `` quality levels '' determined by the ripeness of grapes and sugar level la d'un... À 2 ou 3 chiffres indique le village du vignoble ( par exemple ). Article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre, `` QbA '' redirige ici to,! White grape varieties fill in your details below or click an icon Log. Maps and more for quality dry Rieslings ( and other official varieties ) their wine by quality transparent, similar. Least to Greatest Tafelwein: table wine as in any wine bottled in Germany German! Adopting a hierarchically-based terroir-based system the distinctive quality and pairing versatility of German white wines with Certified Brand Origin!, Deutscher Wein within the grosslage and DOC the same time Landwein may now Geschutzte... Relation to older vintages, is in 4 categories, from the top:.. Speaking wine consumers in 1910, of currently eg Burgundy the towns along the wine.

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